About Andy - Andrew McKay

I'm a professional golf photographer, based in Scotland, who specialises in capturing the beauty of golf courses in the 'golden hours' of dawn and dusk. My aim is to capture the unique essence of each course and create an emotional response in those who view my images - and motivate them to go and play.

I provide golf clubs and resorts with photographs that are far superior to those taken by members and staff on their smart phones, tablets or ‘point & shoot’ cameras. I trust you can see that in my work.  

Exceptional golf course photography is rarely achieved by chance, but rather as a result of careful planning & preparation, combined with  the use of professional equipment. I research and scout each location carefully, taking account of sunrise & sunset positions to identify the best viewpoints. I then wait for the ideal conditions and most importantly, the finest light.    

In today's digital age, professional images are more essential than ever for any commercially-minded golf club or resort wishing to maximise income from visitor green fees and memberships. Your website, social media, apps, advertisements, brochures, leaflets, posters and banners can be transformed with my images of your golf course and facilities.

The investment will be recouped quickly, with a much improved profile leading to increased revenue for years to come. 


What they say

"Andy's pictures were fantastic. He captures the natural beauty of the landscape and golf course brilliantly and he also took some great dusk and dawn photos too." 

Andy Fairbairn - Captain, Cawder Golf Club.

I'm extremely happy with the images Andy supplied for my portfolio. His knowledge & love of golf, patience and skill with the camera make him a joy to work with and I highly recommend him to any clubs, resorts or individuals who wish to promote their golf business."

Colin Bell - Director, Bell Golf Development 

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