Golf Course Drone Photography - the view from above

Campsie Golf Club

Imagery has always been a key part of marketing. As the saying goes 'we buy with our eyes'. This equally applies in the golf world as in any other. Just think of the last golf magazine or driver you bought, or the marketing for the golf holidays you have been on. Imagery likely played a big part in your purchase. 

In recent years a whole new world of imagery has opened up to us golf course photographers, enabling us to show golfers the view from above.  Sending a drone up into the sky over the golf course is a revelation! Aerial images and film give a real sense of the layout of the holes and surroundings that only the birds flying high above previously had. 

Untitled photo

The relative affordability of drones and their ease of use has made these amazing views much more accessible, just as digital cameras and mobile phones opened up photography to millions of people, giving birth to the Instagram generation. 

That said however, not everyone with a drone or digital camera can truly call themselves a photographer or cinematographer. The age old truth still holds firm that it's the artist behind the camera that creates the image, not the camera itself - no matter how advanced the equipment. If the opposite was true, anyone with a 30 megapixel camera or a drone that shoots 4K video would produce world class photographs and films. But we know that just isn't the reality. You could give me the finest woodworking tools but there's no chance of me being able to create ornate Louis XIV style furniture. A basic bench would be more likely! 

The revered American Landscape photographer Ansel Adams summed it up nicely when he wrote "You don't take a photograph, you make it." Ansel was saying that it's not just enough to click the shutter, we must be creative and consider the essential elements that make a great image or film e.g. light and composition. 

I believe that as drone photographers and cinematographers we need to be artists - like the artisan furniture maker, painter or sculptor - if our aerial images and films are to be considered a work of art and stand out.  We must continually practice our craft, refine our skills and perhaps more importantly put our heart and soul into our work. Do that and the sky is truly the limit!                 

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